Working groups

We are divided in working groups focused on the following projects.
If you want to join a working group or you have any questions, contact the project coordinators!


  • Ciclope is a tool to create micro finite element (microFE) models from micro computed tomography (microCT) 3D images
    Coordinators: Gianluca Iori and Martino Pani
  • HipPyFemur is a tool to create finite elements models of the hip from computed tomography (CT) images
    Coordinator: Lorenzo Grassi

High-Res CT

  • ORMIR-XCT is a Python package for processing high resolution peripheral computed tomography (HR-pQCT) images
    Coordinator: Sarah Manske


  • pyKNEEr is a tool for open and reproducible segmentation and analysis of knee magnetic resonance images
    Coordinator: Serena Bonaretti


  • Dafne (Deep Anatomical Federated Network) is a collaborative platform to annotate MRI images and train machine learning models without your data ever leaving your machine.
    Coordinator: Francesco Santini



  • We are developing a fully automated pipeline to generate a patient-specific finite element model from low-resolution clinical MRI using deep learning-based segmentation and statistical shape modeling
    Coordinator: Fabio Galbusera